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Self Care For More Happiness & Fulfillment

Everyone everywhere needs to practice more self-care... and more importantly - Self Love.

We live in a society that poses Self Care as an act of selfishness when in reality, it is necessary for one's own happiness. Yet, we read the blog posts or quick tips on Pinterest, while not really allowing ourselves to discover what actually holds us back from treating ourselves with love and respect. That is the biggest Self Care act you could perform.

To truly understand what is holding you back or why you continue to play the same tape, behaving the same way that keeps eliciting the same relationships or experiences is, by far my number one Self-Care exercise. I'll share more about that later... but first I wanted to share some simple rituals you can perform at no cost and additional ones that require an investment.

No Cost Self-Care Tip #1

Meditate! I know, I know, your first thought is "but, I don't know how to meditate properly!" Meditation is actually easy, once you try it and explore different ways to do it. Yes, there are multiple ways to find your inner Zen. First... find a space in your home where you can get super comfy, no distractions. Sit with your back straight, feet firmly on the floor, uncross your legs or ankles. Close your eyes and... BREATHE! It's that simple. Bring your attention to your breath and feel it as it comes in through your nose and out through your mouth. Continue to bring your attention to your breath every time your mind wanders. It's next to impossible to completely clear your mind, so don't try, that's not the point of this exercise. Meditation is more about creating more space to connect to your body and your higher self - this can be done by simply becoming aware of your breath. Those of you who want to take it one step further (I know you are a go-getter!) Once you are truly comfortable paying attention to your breath, without needing to change it or to change the experience, Begin to become aware of your thoughts. Watch them as they stream in, watch them go as a new one comes in or up. Release attachment or judgment you might have for the thoughts and then become aware of your inner awareness that you have just discovered... this is where it gets really interesting. Try it a few times and then remember to come back to focusing on your breath again, before you open your eyes. This is one of my most fav exercises to give to my clients and each one gets a specific divinely guided meditation from their higher self, channeled through me.

No Cost Self-Care Tip #2

Dance like no one is watching! Put your earphones in, finds some of your fav upbeat tunes on your phone or youtube and dance around your home. This is one of my personal favs. The reason why I love it so much, because it gets me out of my head and into my body. It never fails to increase my inner vibe. Try out anything by Meghan Trainor - You'll thank me later!

No Cost Self-Care Tip #3

Movie for One! Find your favourite movie snacks, Popcorn and Salt & Vinegar chips anyone!? Flick through Netflix or Video on demand if you have cable - find a Romantic Comedy, get comfy in your fav pjs and giggle till you fall asleep. One of my favs: The Holiday. What are some of yours?

No Cost Self-Care Tip #4

Walk it off! Go for a walk in your neighbourhood, or better yet, drive over to one that you really love and walk around. Personally, my fav is finding a path with a stream or going down by the lake. Nothing like water to wash away your self doubt. Walking is super therapeutic. Psychologically it can clear the cloudiest of heads and spiritually it helps to ground you in the present moment. Look around you and admire all the magic that fills your eyes. You never know, you might see some animals or critters that bring insightful messages to those burner questions swirling around your head and heart. 

Investment Self-Care Tip #5

Loosen & Buff yourself up! Book a Message pronto! Hit up Google or Yelp and find an RMT with the best rating and book yourself a body scrub followed by a message. It will be the best 90 minutes you ever spend, plus your skin and your inner self will be glowing.

Investment Self-Care Tip #6

Give yourself a Night out! Call your bestie or have your partner book a reservation at the new restaurant you want to try out and enjoy a meal with great conversation. Champagne & Oysters anyone!?

The Ultimate Self Care Tip #7

Connect with that Coach you have on your desire list and finally get the support you need. Begin by unleashing your inner goddess with the guidance of a skilled Coach who can offer you deep inner transformation. You deserve to feel the way you want to and live the life of your dreams. Find someone who can guide you through your fears so that you can get un-stuck and finally be the woman you were created to be, while showing you how to take care of yourself by yourself!

Much Love & Support to you,


P.S. It's time for Happiness & Fulfillment

P.S.S. To book a discovery call and discuss ways for you to truly care for yourself and create the life you Love, click here. It's at no cost. What do you have to loose? Except  everything that no longer serves your highest good!




New Moons, Eclipses & Broken Teeth

Well, I'm glad that's over!

This past New Moon in Pisces and Solar Eclipse was nothing short of the character 'Sadness' from the Inside Out animated movie. I have never been so down in the dumps. Nothing and I mean nothing brought me joy during the last few days. I couldn't find it anywhere either. I was swimming in an ocean of numbness. We have the Pisces sign to thank for that. The swimming in emotions part, not necessarily the numbness part.

Pisces is all about emotions. Add that to the moon which if you understand how the tides are affected by it, you may understand how the moon can have an effect on your emotions as well. We are made up around 60% water, while our heart and brain is made up of 73%. So with the multitude of emotions rising to the surface naturally around the cycle of the full / new moons - throw in the Pisces sign and you have a recipe of emotional drama overload. It put my seven and third-year-olds temper tantrums to shame, 

The New Moon is dark. We can't see it and so it mirrors the darkness inside our unconscious mind. It is more likely to cause the darkness of our past to be brought up so that we can look at it again. All though uncomfortable, it is very necessary for one's own healing and personal growth.

Psychologically, we can't change what we don't acknowledge. This becomes a time of asking what lessons must be learned and integrated into our psyche and energetic bodies for the purpose of our Soul Evolution.

Even though it is called a New Moon, it is in fact not a time to start anything new. (Hence, we this post is coming a day late. I had full intentions of posting this piece yesterday, but I could not sign in the site.) Because the New Moon is dark - it is not illuminating our path and therefore we can not see things clearly enough to make a distinction between which fork in the road to take.

This New Moon was exceptionally powerful due to the Solar Eclipse that accompanied the inauspicious day. Not to mention those that are Pisces or born around the time of the New Moon - My heart goes out to you!

Eclipses are gateways, portals if you will. For all of us, this New Moon and Solar Eclipse symbolized a 'letting go' of psychological / behavioural patterns with the opportunity for breakthroughs / breakdowns. It just so happened that this one consisted of a breakdown for a couple days and then the breakthrough came after. In reality, I think that is the usual sequence for most ;) 

As we are just as strong and influential as the Universe, it is up to us to listen and walk through the gateway of transformation. That's why I wrote - 'with the opportunity'. Just because you experience the effects of a Full or New Moon, doesn't necessarily mean you are changed by them to the fullest potential.

It is as Carl Jung said, "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious,"

As Pisces falls in my 10th House in my natal chart, the House of Career - It was no surprise to me of all the darkness that came up for me around my life's work, my life's purpose, my business and even more so, financial security. The Sun Represents our Father and the Moon our Mother - so lot's of ideas I learned from a young age about money and my life's work were being thrown in my face.

Two nights ago I had a somewhat terrifying dream.

I have been experiencing issues with my teeth lately. I have never had great teeth, but my molars and especially my top right wisdom tooth actually cracked in half about three months ago, eating Gnocci of all things. For the last few days my entire right side, both, top and bottom rows have been in a constant throb. At some points, I haven't even been able to talk the pain has been so bad. And the night of The New Moon confirmed it all...

In my dream, I bit down on something hard, spit out what I thought was food only to realize it was in fact, my tooth. Pieces kept coming out, white hard molar after molar and the more pieces I spat out the more I came to see that they looked like vertebrae. I know, dark right?

I began to panic in my dream and call out for help. And I heard the soft voice of one of my guides.

"Your root beliefs are crumbling"

"How is that a good thing!?" I yelled out in pain. And woke with a start.

There are some root beliefs that are important to our wellbeing. Like family or looking both ways before we cross the street. However, we also pick up root beliefs that may serve us for a short period of time - until we allow them to crumble. They need to crumble fo that we may develop better ones to fill their spots.

My teeth crumbling in my dream were symbolic of root beliefs being killed off and my molars resembling that of vertebrae were symbolic of emotional and financial support.

It is common for us to experience pain so that we may learn and grow. Everything in your mind, body and the universe is connected. Everything is interwoven to teach you and guide you on your journey. 

Here are 4 things that will support you during a New Moon


Practicing self care / self love is often perceived as egotistical or that you are taking the attention off of someone else you think needs it more. I get it, and there are many people in my life who require a lot from me, But you have to fill your own cup before you can pour onto another. Say no to an invite out, get off social media for the weekend or week, don't worry, everyone will be there when you get back. Take a bath, go for a walk, or my new personal fav - a 15 minute steam at the gym. Whatever calls to you, just go and do that. Ask yourself - "What do I need most right now?" and Hop to it!


Cleansing the energy in your space is just as important as self-care. Energies will come stagnant. All those negative emotions and beliefs you are shedding around The New Moon need to be removed pronto! Don't have sage, not sure how to use it? Leave a comment below and I'll do a live training on other ways to clear your space.


Don't fight this process. It will only make it harder. Remember to breathe, meditate and pray to whomever you choose. Ask for guidance, help, support and do #1 again!


The lessons, synchronicities, symbols and ah-has moments need to be integrated on a conscious and energetic level. I call this "putting the puzzle pieces together" and I specialize in the practice of integration with my clients. Click here to schedule a complimentary call to receive support in your own healing and integration.

Now that this New Moon & Eclipse has passed, it isn't time to take immediate action on those big lofty goals. Remember to practice the 4 steps. Journal about your experience and let go of any thoughts and emotions keeping you stuck. Tomorrow is a new day for your path to be illuminated once again.

Much Love & Support to you,