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What is Elevate©?

ELEVATE© is for the go-getter female entrepreneur who is ready to become her most powerful Self. An elevated women feels abundant, confident, brilliant, sexy, resourceful, unflappable and above all: she is self-assured while expressing her life’s purpose in making a difference in the world. 

An Elevated Women is in constant contact with her personal truth, intuition and internal gifts. She is equipped with the tools to shine brightly + unapologetically, while being of service to others.

Elevate© Mastermind is a program where 5 female entrepreneurs who are craving community, sisterhood and deep friendships with other entrepreneurs without the feeling of competition, come together. This program is a container for deeper, real-time transformation. Its community like atmosphere will have you feeling empowered with other like-minded business leaders who are focused on increasing their happiness, abundance + global reach while breaking through fears + glass ceilings.

Elevate© VIP is the private option. As a container of 1:1 support for the online entrepreneur, this is for you if you ready to heal old wounds + fears that keep you from living the life you secretly dreams of. Those who choose this option are seeking the 1:1 attention and support.

You don’t have to do this alone. I know what it’s like to experience life like you are the only one feeling all the feels. The loneliness, the sadness, the anger, of not knowing what is happening with your swirling thoughts or how to get out of that rut - it sucks. That is why I formulated a transformational process long ago.

The process is called The H.E.A.L. Process©

What is H.E.A.L©?

When I was 18 years old I had my first spiritual awakening. (You can hear my full story here. Stay tuned, it will be live shortly.)

Long story short, even though I was lost, I knew deep down inside that I was meant for something big. I had been suffering for what seemed like my whole life and I was done. I mean insert the appropriate swear word here, done. I was so unhappy and I needed a way out. I needed answers. I began praying for change, yelling at God really, but we all pray differently from time to time.

Due to serendipitous moments, I found two amazing teachers + began the long journey of healing. The work I did illuminated all the gifts I had within, as well as all the reasons why I was not living the life I saw in my dreams. I credit the work I did with these two healers. That work was my way out of the painful maze and re-occuring patterns that kept me away from what God + the Universe were trying to deliver to me.

When you are not in alignment with the life you are meant to live; it’s like the post office trying to deliver you a package and you keep ignoring the door bell or you keep moving homes.

When you focus on what needs to be done, God + the Universe are not only able to deliver the package… you are able to receive it!

The H.E.A.L Process© came out of me in 2014. It was one of many presents, gifted to me over these years. It is a unique process. I can confidently say it is like nothing out there. The H.E.A.L Process © is a way of guiding one through deep, long lasting transformation. It is for those who are 100% ready + committed to letting go of their excuses, to stepping out of their comfort zone + to doing the hard work, for the purpose of becoming the woman they were destined to be.

The H.E.A.L Process© is unique to each individual who does the work. I have created the frame work, the foundation of the process and everyone receives the same process. It transforms people in a way that they intuitively require, as everyone is unique unto themselves. My guarantee is that when you do this work, you will be, feel, have and do everything you have always wanted.

The H.E.A.L Process©

Heart + Head

Extraction + Expression

Awaken + Anchor

Leverage + Love

The purpose of The H.E.A.L Process© is to utilize psychological knowledge, behavioural awareness and spiritual alignment to awaken you to your fullest potential.

H.E.A.L© includes the deep mind, body + Soul work culminated over the last 15 years. It includes my study, practice + guidance from which I have invested in over the last decade and a half of Psychology + Spirituality education and personal experience.

The H.E.A.L Process© has assisted hundreds of women to heal their relationships with Self and loved ones. It has been instrumental in bringing transformation to one’s personal life as well as bringing clarity to the individual so that they feel confident and resourceful when it comes to communicating effectively with others while growing + scaling their own business.

This is not a business course or program.


What will you gain from Elevate© + doing this work?

Here is a list of what clients have achieved from doing this work;

Effective Communication Styles so you increase connections with loved ones and no longer feel frustrated or resentful.

An ever present feeling of deep happiness + tools to get you back into high vibes when shit hits the fan, because we all know that it will at some point.

A deep sense of Self Love.

Self Care rituals that go way beyond just going to the spa. So many women entrepreneurs are tired, unfufilled and on the verge of burnout or worse, quitting their business or relationship. You will awaken with in you the things that really light you up and support your Being, unconditionally. 

You will learn how to stay focused on your Soul’s calling while moving further away from doing the things that keep you stuck.

Psychological + Behavioural re-wiring is done on both the conscious and unconscious zones. This energy work provides deeper, long lasting transformation so that you are moving forward, achieving your goals; rather than circulating in the “I feel depleted”, overwhelmed + burnt-out zones.

Integrative energy healing is utilized to extract stagnant negative energies that keep you feeling less than healthy.

An over flowing cup of self care tools at the ready anytime you feel out of sync.

Me, in your corner holding you accountable and forever on track to be the woman you desire to be so that you can achieve whatever it is you desire.

This is what I want for you when you decide to commit +do this work…

Feel powerful AF + learn how to harness it while feeling unafraid by it

Believe in yourself like never before

Know who you are on a deeper level + know exactly what you are meant to do in this life + for this world. To be in my presence means that you will feel grounded + clear on your next steps so that you know exactly what needs to be done.

Have accountability. Be supported by me + more importantly, To learn how to truly take care of yourself. + Also be supported by your new Soul sisters who will have your back - no matter what!

Experience better communication with your partner, no longer worry about that they will think when you tell them how you feel + multiple orgasms anyone!?

Heal co-dependancy behaviour once + for all

Manifest more than just angel numbers and clothes on sale

Gain life long friendships (everyone is interviewed before being added to the mastermind. A healthy community is oh so important to me)

Loose weight - physically, emotionally and spiritually (and that goes way deeper than just burning some sage to clear your space)

Have glowing skin

Increased emotional bandwidth / more patience

Increased physical energy so you feel fired up to get shit done

To be the realtime expression of your Higher Self.

Business and Brand consultations. My clients have been known to find their Brand sweet spot after this work! The more you know about yourself on a deeper level, the more of your greatness can shine through online!

Become emotionally, physically and spiritually strong and ready to take on anything life and business throws at you. Like, not giving a you know what about what other people think about you.

With the work you do here, your loved ones will transform too, without you even having to tell them what’s up.

In essence, The H.E.A.L Process©, at it’s foundation is Shadow Work + Soul Retrieval.

(Click here to learn more about shadow work + soul retrieval. Stay tuned, this training will be live shortly.)

Disclaimer: If you hear about this process from others, rest assured it is not the true container of transformation that it was intended to be. As this healing process was formulated by Holly Abell + The Spiritual Team, The H.E.A.L Process© can only be taught by others who have received the official H.E.A.L Process© Certification.