Holly Abell

Elevate© your life


Alexa Martinez, Relationship & Sexuality Revolutionizer

"Holly is a magically dynamic woman. Working with her is like communicating directly with the forces that be. She is intuitive, she is aware and she is incredibly well spoken. In just an hour conversation with Holly, I had extreme clarity on where my focus should be in my life and business as well as what is really important to me. Holly listened like a professional and I applaud her ability to hear what's beyond the words, interpret and convey that into clear guidance. If you're looking for someone to point you in the direction it's me, pointing towards Holly, so she can guide you to the next soul fulfilling portion of your life. Thank you Holly, for all that you do!"


Alicia Civile, Designer & Coach

"Working with Holly was a beautifully supportive experience. She helped me hear my soul feel and in that, honor my needs, wants, and desires... I came to her feeling trapped and ragged, exhausted and clawing for a way out, I left our time together back to myself, at peace, and sitting with the beauty of life versus trying to solve the puzzle or look to exterior sources for fulfillment. I got to know me again, listen in, and come to a place of calm Assurance, appreciating the mystery instead of pushing for an answer. I loved our time together, going to the depths while still being able to laugh. I highly recommend Holly with her mix of spiritual awareness, strong intuition, psychological understanding, incredible sense of humor, and no bullshit attitude. If you're in need of support and sisterhood, go gift yourself this experience."


Courtney Cope, NLP Master, Aromatherapist

"Working with Holly is a head-tingling experience where she works on your spirit and your soul. You can literally FEEL things shifting, moving, and releasing in your brain as you talk to her."